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TEN56 Brand Marketing TEN56 Brand Marketing

Most brand building focus is placed on awareness, PR, and advertising strategy. It is rare that leaders first look inside their organizations for opportunities to strengthen and promote their brand, but we believe this is where the magic begins. We need to investigate whether or not our staff is "living the brand" or if maybe they are just coming to work. When employees are passionate about our brand and it becomes a part of who they are, greatness can be achieved. Too often we spend so much time and money focused outward, forgetting that we have potential brand ambassadors working around us every day. Imagine the employee who constantly wears the company t-shirt and brings in his friends to apply when they need employment. Imagine the team leader who tweets about how much she loves her job because of the investment the company makes in her. Imagine the salesperson that just can't stop talking about your product even when there is no potential client around. Read More

In a world of lightning-fast technology and information overload we could look back and say,  “Things just aren’t what they used to be.” We could sit and sputter in our thoughts and daydreams of what it was like all the while the world outside just passes us by. But it doesn’t have to be this way; we can catch up and grow even in these hyper-busy times. We just need to get outside and play. Read More

We are glad you’re here! Please come in and make yourself at home. Be sure to take a look around, hopefully here you will find something helpful. Really, that is why we exist! We want to help you. We want to make your goals and dreams reality! In fact TEN56 itself is a dream-to-reality story of its own. This is the beginning of our blog posts that will be published right here on our homepage! We will be discussing topics that will influence our lives and our businesses. It is a foundational belief behind Ten56 that if you want your company to succeed and your brand to flourish, you must focus on its inside as much as you do on its outside. Here’s what we mean by inside and outside: Read More